We Asked Our Users Why They Choose LaBruna

by Sara Kalet-Schwartz April 06, 2020

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Here at LaBruna Skincare we use a combination of phytonutrient-rich ingredients to produce high performing products for your skin and enjoyment. This week we asked some of our LaBruna Skincare users why they choose LaBruna. Here are their responses!

What are your favorite LaBruna Skin Care products and why? 

“Let me start by telling you that every LaBruna Skin Care product I have tried is amazing! Some of my absolute favorites and ones I can’t do without include the following:

1- Enzymatic Exfoliator

2-Gooseberry Antioxidant Body Polish

3-Hibiscus Acid Peel

4-Growth Factor Serum

5-Nourishing Face Oil

6-Renewal Serum

I have chosen those products because they are part of my daily routine. All of the above products leave my face feeling soft and glowing. I have had a long lasting issue with facial products my entire life. A long sufferer of allergies, LaBruna is the first skincare line I have ever used and not been allergic to.” - Lori Lynch

“A favorite product of mine is the Sensitive Skin Mask, I like to use it when I feel my face is irritated after a long day and this really makes my skin calm, brightened, and clean. It has an earthy and natural smell! I also like how I can adjust the formula with the amount of water I mix depending on how I want the consistency. ” - Cathy Kil


“One of my favorite products is the Cucumber Arnica Eye Serum. I like it for the same reasons that I enjoy the Nourishing Face Oil. Although it gets applied to your eyes you might be surprised to know that your makeup still stays on all day long without getting into the creases. I am 63 years old and do not have any crows feet around my eyes. I attribute that to this serum. I love the light cucumber scent. I feel this product is a unique eye necessity because it moisturizes the eyes without making them oily and it helps to keep my eye makeup on all day long.” - Barbara Lamont


“My favorite out of the face masks would be the Circulation Mask! It not only increases the blood flow to my face and creates a youthful glow, but it clears up a lot of my acne. It's become a part of my routine and I can tell the difference in my skin when I skip out on using the mask.” - Carrie Denoyer 


Why do you choose LaBruna Skincare products? (What makes it different and unique from non LaBruna Skin Care products you have used) 

“I like the Nourishing Face Oil more than other serums I’ve used in the past because it tackles so many different items I want from a serum: it provides hydration, antioxidants, brightening, and boosts elasticity. I see a visible improvement in the appearance of my skin (elasticity, reduction of hyperpigmentation, overall texture) that I hadn’t seen from other serums that may only tackle one or two things (or none at all and felt very water-y or placebo).” - Dilara Bereket 


“What makes this skincare line different and unique from others, is simply quality. The quality is so pure and natural. Their ingredients are above average. The price is low compared to other so called high quality skincare lines. I am a 56 year old woman who used almost every line of good quality skincare. Without a doubt, LaBruna Skin Care far exceeds any product available.” - Lori Lynch 


“My skin is super sensitive and I suffer from various allergies so I usually can’t use face masks at all. When I heard Nina was making masks I was excited to hear they would be powder. Despite it taking longer to apply, it’s more natural and pure to use a powder mask. These masks only have the highest quality ingredients.” - Carrie Denoyer


“The first and foremost reason I stick with the Nourishing Face Oil is I can trust the ingredients that go into this product and I feel it is truly natural. It helps the external look of my skin as I have less blemishes on my face, and feel very balanced when I use it with moisturizer. I’ve used more expensive face oils, and can confidently say the quality of this oil is comparable with them.” - Cathy Kil


How do you use LaBruna Skin Care products? 

“I use the Natural Room Essence - Floral Bouquet, primarily in my bathroom but occasionally I will squirt a small amount on my sheets to freshen them, and sometimes my little dog gets a little squirt on his back to freshen him too.” -Barbara Lamont 


“I apply the Moringa Rose Detox Body Polish as the last step in my shower routine, and it completely replaces the need for body moisturizer! The tiny beads are soothing as you scrub them onto your skin, while also working to remove dead skin from the surface. The floral pieces are a wonderful touch and will make you smell delicious! Your skin will feel silky smooth after using this; I promise you will not be disappointed!” - Lauren Eley


“I use the St. John’s Wort Body Oil after the Moringa Rose Body Scrub or Gooseberry Antioxidant Body Scrub leaving me feeling like I just went to the spa and got a massage.” - Dilara Bereket 


Is there anything else you would like to add? 

“Fun fact: if you have left over mask in the bowl after applying it to your face, apply it elsewhere! The mask also works wonders on my butt and thighs.” - Carrie Denoyer 


“We forget how many chemicals we slap on our face and it is incredibly refreshing to know LaBruna Skincare cares about their products, customers and environment. They will never compromise their clients or their products. This is a company that will be huge in our future.” - Lori Lynch 


“My make up foundation actually goes on more evenly and smoother after applying the Nourishing Face Oil. Sometimes I will add a drop of the oil into my foundation prior to applying to my face.” - Barbara Lamont


“I love all LaBruna Skin Care products, as I am a strong believer in vegan, cruelty-free businesses. However, the body scrub is a favorite; I’ve already been through four bottles!” -Lauren Eley

Sara Kalet-Schwartz
Sara Kalet-Schwartz


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