The Many Benefits of St. John’s Wort Oil

by Hanna Salamida June 20, 2019

Image of St. John's Wort Flowers

St. John’s Wort has been proven to contain anti-depressant qualities, reduce mood swings, and relieve anxiety. The herb is a popular natural solution that doctors and psychiatrists often prescribe to patients. It provides depression relief and has been proven to realign metabolism and a person's internal clock, which helps with sleeplessness, fatigue, and irritability. By eliminating chronic stress hormones, the herb helps to improve overall health and cognitive function. In the case of mood swings, the chemical components of St. John's Wort have been shown to reduce mood swings and anxiety in menopausal women. Also, the supplement reduces the severity of cramping, premenstrual irritation, and depression in women.

Topical use of St. John’s Wort has been proven to increase skin elasticity and hydration, reduce inflammation, and ease pain caused by common ailments. In topical form, such as oil, St. John’s Wort can speed up the healing process of burns, bruises, and scars as the oil aids the skin’s cell regeneration process and stimulates the circulation of oxygenated blood to damaged cells. It’s anti-inflammatory agent also reduces redness and inflammation. Rich with antioxidants, St. John’s Wort oil can also help ease the pain of arthritis, muscle aches, and other joint discomforts. Using St John’s Wort Oil daily will aid in healing, firming, and moisturizing your skin.

Known for its incredible healing powers, St. John’s Wort chemical components include a range of antioxidants that can have a beneficial impact on the hormonal, physical, and chemical behavior of the body. Our Nourishing Face Oil, St. John’s Wort Body Oil, and St. John’s Wort Smoothing Body Polish contain this incredible ingredient and aid in the decrease of inflammation, increase firming of skin, reduce the appearance of fine lines, and provide a more youthful and healthy appearance to skin. It is our mission to provide clean, effective skincare, which is why we created our line of St. John’s Wort Oil products.

Hanna Salamida
Hanna Salamida


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