The Anti-Aging Benefits of Peptides in Your Skincare Routine

by Sara Kalet-Schwartz November 04, 2019

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For anyone who’s done research regarding anti-aging skin care the likelihood of coming across the word “peptides” is fairly high. Most people come across the word when scanning ingredient labels of skin care products, but do not know what peptides exactly are and what they do for the skin. Peptides have developed over the years and the new research regarding the benefits they have on skin is remarkable. Here is what you need to know about peptides. 


First, we must start with the science of peptides. Peptides are made up of amino acids, which are the building blocks of proteins. When amino acids are combined in specific ways, they create peptides, and there are many types. When peptides are linked together, they become the basis of all proteins. One of the most vital proteins is collagen, which lies beneath the outer layer of one’s skin (dermis). Collagen peptides make up 80% of your dermis. This is what creates the smooth, firm and radiant glow on your skin. 


Although young people produce collagen at a high rate, there is a point between the ages of 25-30 that the rate decreases by 1% annually. Ultimately the production of collagen completely stops around the age of 40. The existing collagen will start to breakdown for multiple reasons; some controllable, others not. The most predominant reason for collagen breaking down is your body’s natural response to aging. However, collagen can also break down due to exposure of UV radiation, cigarettes and other environmental factors. Wrinkles and other signs of visible aging are unfortunately a response to this decrease in collagen production.


The best way to naturally reduce the signs of aging is to encourage your skin’s production of collagen. Simply applying peptides to your skin does not necessarily give you more. Dr. Bowe, renowned dermatologist and author explains, “Your body sees these peptides as ‘signals’ that you need to heal, which tells your body to produce more collagen where you need it most.” The most optimal way to apply peptides is through serums or creams. Peptides are helpful in slowing down the effects of aging, however it is only one part. Additionally, it is important to obtain a proper anti-aging skin care routine and learn about healthy skin care habits.


For everyday protects containing peptides, we recommend our Growth Factor Peptide Perfecting Crème and our Growth Factor Rejuvenating Serum with Peptides.


Healthy Skin Care Habits:


  • Always remember to wear sunscreen, even on a cloudy day 


  • Cleanse and moisturize regularly 


  • Be aware of what you put into your body, a healthy diet and lots of water will affect how your body looks and functions 


  • Remember your skin is sensitive, don’t pull on it and avoid using harsh skin care products

Sara Kalet-Schwartz
Sara Kalet-Schwartz


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