Sweat It Out!

by Sara Kalet-Schwartz December 09, 2019

Image of woman running/sweating

Sweating is usually seen as embarrassing when at work, school or a night out with friends. The sticky feeling and dank smell associated with sweating leaves people in discomfort. Yet, there are benefits to our health from sweating. We sweat when we exercise, have a cold or are anxious. When our internal temperature increases it leads to our sweat glands releasing water to the surface of our skin. As the sweat evaporates it will cool our skin and blood. Sweating is a natural process and learning the benefits may make it worth it. 

Detoxifies Body:

Everyday our bodies release about 1 liter of sweat, which flushes the body of alcohol, cholesterol and salt. We intake heavy metals through food, water, industrial chemicals and more. Small amounts of those metals are needed such as, Iron, zinc, cooper, Chromium and manganese. However, ridding your body of the excess amount is important. It is shown that urinating is a large way of removing these metals from the body, but it is also shown that sweating can be another source. 

Sweating can also be good for your skin. Sweat can flush out pollutants, dirt, and make up embedded in your skin. It has been shown to improve tone, clarity and texture in one's skin and is known to improve circulation. 

Boosting Endorphins:

It is expected to sweat when taking part in any type of physical activity such as working out, walking fast, swimming and more. Exercising releases endorphins, which are hormones that trigger positive feelings in your body. This reduces your perception of pain and triggers a positive feeling in your body. A 2009 study published in the journal Biology Letters concluded that exercising in a group could increase your endorphin levels, so sweating it out with a group of friends is a plus! Sweat it out in a group yoga, zumba or dance class to increase your enjoyment.

The release of endorphins have been shown to improve one's mood and overall well being. Not all sweat sessions have to take place in a sweat lodge on a hot summer day to experience a boost in your endorphins. It is important to find a practice that best works for you in order to get in on the feel-good effects of this natural bodily function. Just remember to always stay hydrated after a sweat session. 

After a long day of sweating a nice bath can be very relaxing and beneficial to one’s health. LaBruna Skin Care’s Arnica Detox Salt Soak is perfect post-workout as it resupplies the body with minerals such as magnesium, potassium, sodium, calcium, iron and bromide. It also includes calming botanicals which will soothe your mind and muscles. 

Sara Kalet-Schwartz
Sara Kalet-Schwartz


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