Nighttime Face Washing and Skin Health

by Tomiris Issayeva April 29, 2020

Washing Face

Dull skin, clogged pores, breakouts, irritation, and the list goes on. These are only a few of the potential consequences of not washing your face. Of course, the aftermath varies by skin type where those with oily skin might experience a vast increase in breakouts due to accumulated oil production that builds up in the pores. Although individuals with dry skin types might not experience as many, or any, breakouts, they might still notice a negative shift in the tone and luminosity of their skin because dead skin cells, pollutants, dirt, sweat, and even skincare products that are not washed off do agglomerate overtime. 

While many choose to only wash their face with water during their morning regimen, particularly individuals with dry and sensitive skin, opting out of nighttime cleansing is discouraged, especially for those who wear makeup. Why is removing makeup before bed so essential? It turns out that while we are asleep our skin undergoes a regenerative exfoliation process during which it sheds dead skin cells. This action is bolstered by cleansing the skin as it liberates it from all the exogenous particles that built up throughout the day, enabling the skin to breathe. In contrast, makeup creates a barrier that does not only impede the regeneration process, but also blocks the skin’s breathing pathway. 

What else adds value to cleansing your face at night? Deciding not to wash your face might interfere with the rest of your routine. Precisely, the layer of moisturizer, sunscreen, makeup, and any other products that were applied in the daytime coupled with pollutants and evaporated body fluids is quite dense. This lack of porousness hinders the products applied in the evening from penetrating through the skin, preventing them from doing their job properly.  

Choosing the right cleanser is just as important as washing your face. Harsh cleansers may strip your skin of natural oils, creating a state of imbalance that leaves the skin feeling dry, or worse, prompts the skin to produce more oil in an attempt to self-regulate its protective barrier. LaBruna Skin Care’s Corrective Green Tea Cleanser is gentle and fragrance-free, particularly pertinent for hypersensitive or post-treatment skin. 


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Tomiris Issayeva
Tomiris Issayeva


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