How To Help Your Immune System

by Tomiris Issayeva March 21, 2020

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Nourishing your body and staying healthy is important now more than ever. As COVID-19 cases continue to surge globally, public spaces are closing and people are encouraged to stay at home. In a massive panic, many citizens automatically turn to stocking up on shelf food, the majority of which includes processed foods. A lack of activity, resulting from a temporary closure of all athletic facilities and a work from home movement, further exacerbates the unhealthy lifestyle that shelf food could bring. But solitary confinement and a battle against the virus do not have to be this challenging as there are many tips and tools that one could utilize for staying healthy and boosting their immune system. 

To start with the basics, do wash your hands more thoroughly than usual. A useful way of knowing whether you have washed them for long enough is to utter the phrase “Happy Birthday” at least twice. Additionally, the hand washing should be done prior to eating, touching the face/mouth/eyes, as well as after returning home and touching any potentially unclean surfaces such as desks, door handles, and handrails. No soap at your disposal? Refer to hand sanitizer or antibacterial wipes. Wearing gloves in public places is another easy way to keep your hands clean. 

Killing germs does not solely apply to your hands. Make sure to wipe your electronic devices, especially your phone! Aim to clean your floors and any other high-contact surfaces around your house more often than usual. And finally, try to take your shoes off before entering your house. 

Switching gears to nutrition, it is imperative to realize that shelf and frozen foods are not necessarily junk food. In fact, there are now plenty of nutritious options, including canned chickpeas, canned tuna, vegetable oils, nuts and seeds, nut butters, as well as frozen fruits and vegetables. Beyond that, drinking hot green, turmeric, ginger, and chamomile teas strengthens immunity, reduces stress, and relieves cold symptoms. In terms of supplements, Zinc, and both Vitamin C and D are excellent for bolstering your health. Specifically, they may shorten the duration of common cold. Probiotics are also beneficial as they foster a healthy gut microbiome. Lastly, water should become your best friend. 

To conclude, it is critical to remain calm and to take care of yourself and your body. Remember, stress and anxiety only harm the immune system. Anxiety is our body communicating to us that something is out of balance. To restore the balance, meditate, read, journal, and make art — some of many ways to regain harmony and stay healthy.

Tomiris Issayeva
Tomiris Issayeva


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