Hemp Seed Oil vs Marijuana and CBD Oil

by Sara Kalet-Schwartz February 04, 2020

image of Marijuana plant

In the past couple of years, the use of Marijuana, CBD Oil and Hemp Oil have risen due to laws legalizing them in some areas of America. Marijuana, CBD oil and Hemp oil tend to get grouped together because they sound similar and they originate from the same Cannabis Sativa plant family, yet they could not be more different. It is important to understand their characteristics before ingesting or applying them to your skin. 

It is common for someone to associate Hemp seed oil or CBD oil with getting “high” even though there is very little risk of intoxication. Cannabis is a plant that includes many species such as Hemp and Marijuana. Although they come from the same plant family, they have different qualities and purposes. Marijuana is typically bred to have a high THC content (>10%). THC is what causes one to be “high,” and that is what the Marijuana plant is used for. The Hemp plant, however, is grown for agricultural products such as textiles, seeds and oils. Due to Industrial Hemp regulations the level of THC found in Hemp cannot exceed 0.3%, which is why there is an extremely low risk of feeling “high.”

A common misconception with the Hemp plant is that CBD oil and Hemp seed oil are the same, because they both come from the Hemp plant. However, because they come from different parts of the plant the effects are different. Hemp seed oil is extracted from the seed of a Hemp plant which contains no THC, whereas CBD oil comes from the flowers, leaves, stems and stalks of matured Hemp plants. CBD oil can contain 0.3% or less of THC. Due to the small level of THC in CBD oil, some states have laws in place that restrict the sales of it, unlike Hemp seed oil that, according to Nuleaf Naturals, does not contain THC. Another major difference between the two is how they are used and the reason for their use. Hemp oil is more likely to be used topically and CBD oil is likely to be ingested. Research shows that CBD oil is beneficial in areas such as sleeping, anxiety, pain, nausea, relaxation and more. Hemp oil, however, is rich in omega fatty acids, vitamin E and protein, so it is more often used in beauty products.

Hemp seed oil contains between 75-80% of Polyunsaturated Acids. A study done by George and Mildred Burr concluded that Polyunsaturated Acids could reverse the effects of the skin defects present on their test subjects. This concludes that oils, such as Hemp seed are essential ingredients when choosing beauty products. It has been shown to help balance oily skin and hydrate it, which in turn helps prevent acne. It can also aid in preventing wrinkles along with other signs of aging.  

Overall Marijuana is a plant most people correlate with getting high, which contains high levels of THC. CBD oil is extracted from parts of the Hemp plant containing extremely low levels of THC that is usually ingested. Lastly Hemp seed oil is also extracted from the Hemp plant, but only the seed and does not contain THC. Due to the large amount of Polyunsaturated Acids, it is beneficial for one’s skin. 

If you are looking for face products that contain Hemp seed oil, we would recommend our Cucumber Arnica Eye Serum and Natural Retinol Face Serum. The Mint Eucalyptus Salt Soak is the perfect choice for a soothing bath, while the Aphrodisiac Hemp Massage Oil, can be applied to your body or added to your bath. All are handmade products from LaBruna Skin Care. 


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Sara Kalet-Schwartz
Sara Kalet-Schwartz


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