Beautiful Skin as a Lifestyle

by Nina LaBruna April 05, 2019

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We believe beauty is a lifestyle which includes, proper diet, exercise, rest, resistance to harmful behaviors and a good skincare regimen. Paying attention to our skin is a great way to understand the overall health of our bodies since our skin is linked to our respiratory, circulatory, immune, lymph and neurotransmitter systems. Caring for our bodies on the inside and out is the best way to keep our skin youthful and healthy. Pay attention to your health by balancing the elements of your lifestyle and your skin will thank you.
Begin with proper hydration. Too often, we neglect to hydrate ourselves properly and our skin becomes itchy, flushed and prone to outbreaks. Make sure to drink enough water and beneficial decaffeinated teas throughout the day to maintain your internal balance.
One of the first places to improve the health of your skin is though your diet. Nourish your skin with plenty of antioxidants to neutralize free radicals and fight inflammation. Premature aging has been linked to chronic inflammation and eating unrefined, low sugar, primarily plant based, natural foods high in antioxidants will aid in inflammation reduction and will nourish your skin from the inside. Limit or avoid sugar, caffeine, artificial sweeteners and colors, food additives,simple carbohydrates and trans fats. It is important to identify food allergies so that you are not stressing your body with foods toxic to your system. Poor diet can challenge your immune system and make it more difficult for your body to fight inflammation.
Emotions, anxiety and stress can also take a toll on your skin. We can turn red with embarrassment or white and drained with fear, while stressful moments can invite the outbreak of hives or pimples. Simply said, stress can cause an inflammatory response on our skin! A good exercise routine such as pilates, dance or yoga can help manage our stress, improve our circulation and reduce inflammation. If it seems impossible to have a daily exercise routine, work it into your day. Do errands on foot instead of taking a car, care for a small garden, walk to work, do 10 minutes of hula hooping while watching your favorite television program! Time spent outdoors can also help reduce stress. Many of us go from our home to work and back to home and travel by car, train or bus. By the end of the day, only minutes were spent outdoors. Doing this day after day can increase our stress levels. Take a walk after dinner. European cultures have been taking family walks after dinner for centuries. Not only does it settle the food, it improves our metabolism, reduces inflammation and settles our mind. Many studies have shown that daily exercise also helps us sleep better and proper rest is another key element to a healthy lifestyle.
Sun exposure, dry harsh weather, bacteria, pollution and smoking tax your skin from the outside by weakening collagen and elastin, clogging pores and dilating capillaries all which leads to uneven skin tone, outbreaks and premature aging. When outdoors for prolonged periods of time, remember to apply sunscreen or wear a hat! If you are heading out into the cold wind, remember to protect your face and hands with a scarf and gloves.
It is true that smoking causes premature wrinkles. The nicotine in cigarettes causes narrowing of the blood vessels in the outermost layer of your skin which decrease blood flow to your skin and deprives it of oxygen and nutrition.
There are thousands of chemical in cigarettes which damage collagen and elastin which results in loss of elasticity and an increase in wrinkles. Smoking decreases the production of red blood cells and the skin becomes paler and sometimes grayish which affects the texture, smoothness and glow of our skin. Smoking also triggers the body to release free radicals which break down protein, impair collagen production and reduce oxygen to cells all of which speeds up the aging process of our skin.
The quality of your skin care products matters! Dr. LaBruna has chosen the perfect blend of natural antioxidants, vitamins, humectants, and exfoliants to reduce inflammation, fight free radicals and feed your skin from the outside. Please take a moment to read about the key ingredients found in our products and how they, along with a holistic lifestyle, can give your skin a rejuvenated, youthful appearance.

Nina LaBruna
Nina LaBruna


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