Ask Nina: Skin Care Answers for Beginners to 10-step “Routiners”

by manoela torres September 21, 2020

Ask Nina: Skin Care Answers for Beginners to 10-step “Routiners”

After becoming more involved with the skincare world and learning about the importance each step of our skincare routines have, I found myself asking questions that, at first, I would've brushed off as insignificant but which do end up making a difference for our skins!

To get some of mine and my friends' questions straight I did some research and talked to our founder, Nina LaBruna, who helped me make sure my skin was getting the best out of my skincare routine!

  • What comes first, oil or moisturizer?

  • Yes, we're all obsessed with both oils and moisturizers, but I'm pretty sure you have also found yourself holding both products in your hands and bouncing your eyes from one product to another: which one should I apply first? Well, it depends.

    Some oils are thicker than others; when using thicker oils (such as shea butter and coconut oil), it is best to start with the moisturizer; heavier oils help seal in the moisturizer and allow it to better absorb into the skin, providing extra hydration!

    Suppose you are working with lighter oils, such as Jojoba or Argan oil. If you are using a light-weight face oil and want the added benefit of the antioxidants and phytonutrient-rich ingredients in your facial oil, you should start with the oil first and apply your moisturizer on after! 

    1. How much is too much exfoliation?

    It feels excellent to exfoliate. I call it the phoenix stage of skincare: we feel like we are letting go of a layer of unwanted, dirty skin. Still, you don't have to be a skincare expert to know that too much of it hurts…

    According to Nina: "The rule of thumb is that one should not exfoliate more than two to three times per week, but it also depends on the type of product one is using and their skin type. There are two main types of exfoliants; physical and chemical. It is best to use an exfoliator with gentle, natural physical exfoliants (such as pumpkin pulp in our enzymatic exfoliator) and a chemical exfoliant such as AHA or BHAs. Listen to your skin. Cut back on exfoliating if you are noticing dryness or irritation and start exfoliating if your skin looks and feels dull, oily, or needs a little kick."

    1. A Masquerade of over masking or multi-masking?

    Nothing makes me feel more productive than multitasking: watching Netflix or working with a refreshing face mask on… But wait, like everything in life, the number of face masks you wear also needs to be limited (unfortunately!) 

    Over masking can have disastrous effects on your skin! Studies show that over masking can make your skin dry, itchy, or flaky Nina confirmed this, stating that "many masks contain beneficial ingredients such as absorbing clays and salicylic acid, but too much of anything always has its side effects, and many of these ingredients can cause dryness and irritation if used too frequently. Using a mask once to twice a week is ideal!" 

    1. How young is too young for anti-aging products?

    I would always drown with curiosity watching my mother apply "anti-aging" creams to her face; I always thought they smelled nice- but, like many others, I thought I was way too young to use these products; let me tell you something… 

    Honey, you are never too young to start a skincare routine!

    Nina told me that "A simple cleanser, moisturizer, and SPF can be ideal for a child and get them in the habit of taking care of their skin. Some stronger anti-aging ingredients such as retinol, AHA, and BHA should be avoided on children as they can cause irritations. Still, it is ideal to start incorporating anti-aging products in your skincare routine as early as 20 years old!" 

    1. Should my skincare routine change seasonally?

    I know, I know, in some sort of a weird way, we get attached to our skincare routines and products: the coconut smell of body oil or how fresh a particular serum makes your skin feel… Still, sometimes our skins profit immensely from a change in a skincare routine.

        Some of the signs that you need a new skincare routine are:

    • You're breaking out.
    • Your skin is too dry or too oily.
    • You do not see the results you expected to get from your products.

    Still, Nina advised me that "The takeaway is that if you have found a routine that works with you, stay with it and only when your skin does not react the same way should you start to look for alternative or additional products." 

    manoela torres
    manoela torres


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