A Short Guide To Giving Yourself A Face Massage

by Tomiris Issayeva April 06, 2020

image of woman massaging her face

These days, working from home is merely a single bullet point on a laundry list of things that all of us are doing at home. Giving oneself a relaxing face massage can easily become another bullet point on that ever-growing list. The steps are as follows:

Step 1: Apply an oil treatment such as our Nourishing Face Oil onto a clean face and neck. This will enable your fingers to move along your skin in smooth, continuous motion.

Step 2: Begin by gently massaging the base of your neck, making sure to locate the lymph nodes. Applying light pressure on the lymph nodes stimulates ancillary lymph fluid movement that is highly effective in removing that lymph fluid’s toxins from the body.

Step 3: Without lifting up your fingers, relocate from the base of the neck to beneath the ears, pausing once you find a soft indentation right behind the jawbone. Continue massaging the area using mild circular motions.

Step 4: After activating lymphatics of the neck, transition to the chin. Begin by massaging the central area under the mouth, moving out to either side until the far end of the jawline. Massaging your jawline may help increase blood flow and reduce muscle tightness.

Step 5: Leaving the jaw, move upwards along your face to end up at the under-eyes. Very gently, rub under the eyes and then slowly shift to the area between your eyelid and brow. These soft, circular motions around the eye socket are particularly effective in reducing morning eye puffiness.

Step 6: The fluid from your puffy eyes drains down the sides of your face. As such, massage the side of your face, the cheekbones to be exact, in order to transfer that fluid through the lymphatic system.

Step 7: Lastly, transition from the cheekbones to right above your brows. From there, perform extended circular motions along your forehead, enhancing blood flow. The space right in between the brows is an acupressure point that may lead to stress reduction following a period of stimulation.



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Tomiris Issayeva
Tomiris Issayeva


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